Choosing the Right Course
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St John Rigby College has a very wide range of courses on offer. This allows you to select courses which match your interests, abilities and future plans.

The Level 3 Programme

The majority of our students follow this type of programme.  It provides an excellent preparation for University.  It is also extremely flexible as you can choose from A Level courses as well as a wide range of Level 3 BTEC qualifications.  In addition you will also study Values for Living and attend tutorial sessions.

Which course should I choose?

This is really down to you.  The best advice is to think carefully about what your plans are after College and choose the courses which will help you to achieve this goal.  For example, if you were thinking about applying for a University course in a particular subject such as Medicine, then this will mean that you would need to choose certain subjects - in this case Biology and Chemistry.  For many Higher Education courses and jobs, the exact choice of course is not too important but it is always worth talking this through with your Careers Teacher, College staff or your independent careers adviser.  If you don’t have a specific career goal at the moment then you are advised to choose subjects which both interest you and which you think you will do well in.  As part of your enrolment at College we will talk through your course choices with you, so don’t worry if you are finding it hard to choose!

How much time will I spend studying?

Study time will vary depending on the course and level you are studying.  For example, if you are studying an A Level course you will be in class with your teacher for 5.25 hours per week.  You will be expected to spend 4 hours per subject outside of the classroom on independent study tasks (such as homework or revision).  One thing to remember is that the 4 hours independent study time is per subject; therefore if you are doing 4 A Level subjects you will be taught 21 hours per week and will be expected to carry out 16 hours of private study in your own time.

Can I combine Level 3 BTEC and A Level subjects?

At St John Rigby College it is possible to do a mixed programme of A Levels and BTEC Level 3 qualifications.  For most students the total value of the qualifications should add up to the equivalent value of 4 A Levels, (except Childcare and Health and Social Care BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma as these include a work experience component).

Course Level Value (A Level Equivalence)
AS/A level 3 1 A Level
BTEC L3 Subsidiary Diploma 3 1 A Level
BTEC L3 Diploma 3 2 A Levels
BTEC L3 Extended Diploma 3 3 A Levels

Values for Living

The Values for Living course supports the College’s mission to develop the whole person.  All students attend one 45 minute lesson per week.  The course provides an opportunity to explore values and beliefs as well as supporting students as they engage in their own spiritual journey.  The lessons encourage each individual to contribute to the world in a positive way as well as challenging injustice. Students enjoy the discursive nature of this course.