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Enrichment is anything that goes beyond your academic pursuits and the normal requirements of your studies. There are many activities and events that are considered as enrichment that will help you to build a valuable portfolio for university and for employers.

Enrichment activities at St John Rigby College will provide a great boost to your employability, giving you work and life skills that you cannot achieve from just your academic studies. Enrichment should fuse fun and learning, in order to provide the best possible experience for all students.

Enrichment activities include:

There is far more choice in enrichment than ever before, allowing you to get involved in activities that are linked to your studies and give you a wider breadth of knowledge. You could also choose to study a completely separate activity for fun and enjoyment.

You are encouraged to take the opportunity to develop yourself within the enrichment programme. This is something which universities and employers strongly consider when looking at applications, and will therefore make you a more convincing candidate for jobs and university entrance.