Future Leaders Compete To Breakout!
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The St John Rigby Future Leaders experienced their first organised team challenge with a difference! After a short trip into Manchester, the future leaders were divided into two rival teams in order to test their ingenuity and leadership skills in the popular Breakout rooms.

Assigned to ‘Infiltrate’ and the ‘Detectives Office’, both teams battled to solve complex puzzles and decipher clues before the clock ran out. With only minutes left, an enthralling finale saw the ‘Detectives Office’, with a resounding cheer, break out first, closely followed by ‘Infiltrate’.

Future Leaders coordinator Joe Nicholas stated “This was a fantastic early opportunity for the Future Leaders to work together in a fun and exciting experience. The groups’ teamwork and leadership skills were evident as both teams broke out and it proved to be an enjoyable experience for all concerned, with a rematch already requested!

The Future Leaders programme at St. John Rigby focuses on building our students into leaders as they take on group challenges and debates, and organise charitable events. This all goes towards building a strong portfolio of CV experience and achieving a nationally recognised leadership award.