Former Student Megan Inspires the Next Generation of Health Workers
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Former SJR and Cansfield student Megan Kneale returned to SJR, inspiring our Health and Social Care students to follow in her footsteps.  Megan is currently studying towards her BMidwif qualification at Manchester University with a placement at a local hospital.

Megan spoke of her journey since leaving SJR which has been both exciting and rewarding.  Her tales of the many high points during the past 12 months inspired the students to further their own ambitions to become health care professionals.  A particular high point for Megan had been delivering her first baby (a girl), with a mother who had a difficult labour.  Following a short yet exhaustive labour the baby was born requiring immediate care and attention.  The training Megan had received proved invaluable and under the supervision of experienced health care professionals, she helped with the interventions that provided the support mother and baby immediately required.  Megan also spoke of the long, yet rewarding shift patterns and the supportive team that she works with, both in the hospital and at university.

During her time at SJR, Megan took the opportunity of a 10 week work placement at Wrightington Hospital.  The experience of working within a health care setting prior to starting her course was a key component in allowing her to have a smooth transition from student observer to trainee practitioner.

The work that Megan and others within her profession do on a daily basis was relayed to the students so that they can start to make informed career plans for their own future.  Many of the students hope to follow Megan into a career in Midwifery, but she also inspired others into a wide variety of health care careers, such as nursing and community health work.