Music Residential Trip
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The Music department took a group of students on their annual trip to Hagg Farm in the Peak District. The trip began with the students patiently waiting to board the coach and get started on their weekend away; however, everyone seemed to forget that half of the department was coming with us.

All sorts of equipment had to be taken on the coach to come with us, from pianos to drum kits! With all the packing out of the way, the fun could begin. After a not so long journey up to Hagg Farm, everyone was excited to find out who they would be spending their weekend with. People shared rooms with other students they may not have spoken to before, but this was a good thing as by the end of the residential everyone had become closer together and made new friendships that would last for the rest of their college years.

The activity of Friday night was to be put into randomly selected groups with a mix of A2 and AS students and to come up with a cover that would later be performed in front of the whole staff and the rest of the students. Everyone’s cover went down a storm with lots of support from the entire audience. Everyone was made to feel comfortable and there didn’t even seem to be a nervous tension in the air as students were comfortable playing in front of their peers. The night ended with a camp fire and songs played by our very own James Elwood and a few songs Head of Music David Wall.

Saturday was entertaining to say the least, and all the students loved the fact that they were woken up earlier than usual and were told to their horror that they would be going for a walk. Once the walk started, everyone seemed to get over the idea of being tired and actually took in the stunning views of the Peak District. By the end of the walk, everyone was happy that they did it and got to spend their time in the outdoors with their friends and teachers. Saturday night was the themed evening full of activities for the students to participate in. The theme this year was circus. There were some great attempts at fancy dress, along with: mimes, lions and their tamer, David Wall the Ringmaster, James Gresty the fortune teller and many more hilarious costumes. The students took part in all the circus games and had a great night full of laughter and prizes.

All the students and staff would like to give Christine and Steven Wall a huge thank you for creating all the games again this year and working so hard on making sure they had a great time as they do every year. On Sunday morning a sadness came over all as everyone knew their time at Hagg Farm was coming to an end.