Standish Music Festival 2016
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Every year for the past five years, our Music department has been putting on the Standish Music Festival in partnership with Standish Community High School. It's safe to say that all who attended this year thoroughly enjoyed the concert just as much as the last.

There was a variety of acts playing all different genres and styles of music. For example, David Card went down with a bang with his performance of “The Acrobat”; the crowd were laughing throughout and enjoyed the demonstration of the trombone’s capabilities. Very well done to David for showing people how cool the trombone can be.

On the subject of great performances, I must mention Lucy White, a young girl in year 9, who wowed the audience with her performance of “Part of Your World”. Lucy didn't just sing the song extremely well, but she also performed with lots of character and really got into her piece.

I would also like to give credit to Corey Gerrard who conducted the SJR Concert Band for the first time. He showed confidence, professionalism and led the band very well. So well done Corey, keep it up! To finish off what was a brilliant night celebrating music, the concert band ended with December, playing as well as ever. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the song and all the other pieces from students who performed on the night.

Review by Charlie Sherliker (Publicity Officer for SJR Music Society)