Art Students Promote Social Enterprise
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BTEC L3 Art and Design students attended a marketing and design briefing at the Brick Works in Wigan at the start of a collaborative project promoting local social enterprise.

The Brick is a local charity helping people in need, providing crisis intervention such as counselling, food from food banks, training, career guidance and other services. The Brick charity has several sites across the Wigan area.

The BTEC Art and Design students will be working on a design and illustration project aimed at marketing and promoting The Brick charity and placing The Brick Works and their recently opened café firmly on the map of Wigan cycling routes.  

The students were addressed by Nick Brooks (business development and marketing) and Simon Dale (trustee) at the design and marketing briefing. The assignment will provide the students with a real opportunity to work on a live project where they will meet not only the BTEC assessment criteria but will also have to focus on meeting the client's design objectives.

Students will extend their ability to visually communicate with the end users in order to develop a successful set of illustrations that will promote this social enterprise.