Geography Trip To Barcelona
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SJR Geography students' visit to Barcelona was an opportunity to develop the theory studied in class and to investigate a case study covering many different topics.

Students studied the concept of identity, contrasting the Catalan and Spanish cultures and how they have shaped a unique place in Barcelona, from the flags being flown to the language being spoken around the city. Other human geography studies included the uniqueness of the coastal city, analysing the impact that large corporations are having on local businesses.

Students visited the Ebro Delta, 150km south of Barcelona. This national park is home to endangered species such as flamingos and turtles and students studied this basin and the flows of water and how they contribute to the biodiversity and the local agricultural practices. They also sampled the beaches, discussing the strategies in place to protect the tourist hotspot and even accidentally ran into a Lent festival, full of dancing and colourful outfits.

The students represented the college tremendously and will undoubtedly use their experience to boost their exam and essay technique.