History Trip To RAF Cosford
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History A level students recently visited RAF Cosford to participate in a range of different activities in order to further their understanding of the development of the Cold War.

On arrival, the students were introduced to a Cold War veteran who captivated his audience by talking about his experiences as a pilot during the Berlin Airlift. Students then participated in a fascinating ‘hands-on’ experience, which included trying on chemical warfare suits, building a nuclear fall-out shelter and handling memorabilia from the Cold War.

The day was rounded off with a spectacular tour of the Cold War exhibition, which included parts of the Berlin Wall, nuclear missiles and RAF bombers, alongside an exciting ‘Fun and Flight’ activity.

History tutor Elliott Hine said: “The visit to RAF Cosford provided students with an excellent opportunity to experience aspects of the Cold War first-hand, which they will be able to integrate into their lessons on the development of the arms race and the Cuban Missile Crisis. We are now all looking forward to our visits to Jodrell Bank and Berlin!”