Future Medics Meet Eminent Doctor
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The Future Medics and Dentists group welcomed Dr. Ed Johnstone MBChB PhD MRCOG, Clinical Senior Lecturer in Obstetrics and Foetal Medicine from the University of Manchester who gave a lively and enthusiastic presentation on Pregnancy and Foetal growth.

Students were able to gain an insight into some of the problems associated with treating pregnant patients and the decision process surrounding the selection of specific treatment options when pregnancies do not go as planned. Dr Johnstone also related how infant mortality rates in the United Kingdom were significantly lower than in other parts of the world and how medical research and development were influencing the types of treatment available.

The students gained a detailed knowledge of the importance of the placenta in healthy births and about some of the conditions occurring when a placenta does not supply adequate oxygen or nutrients.

Dr Johnstone provided information about the university application process, the variety of specialisms students could follow on qualification and the type of work they could expect to be engaged in later in their careers.