Future Medics Face The Challenge!
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The Future Medics group spent a warm sunny day working with the Bowland-Pennine Mountain Rescue team on a number of problem solving and team building activities. The morning had a competitive edge as two teams battled with planks and barrels to build a bridge to transport all members safely across a “deep ravine.” After some thought and planning both teams developed their strategy and, working together, succeeded in their first task.

Challenged to see how far they could pass a baton between two points, strength and ingenuity were required to gain success and all were surprised at the distance achieved when supporting each other. Much enjoyment was had when tackling “the web”, especially when things didn’t quite go to plan, but with careful thought all succeeded in mastering this challenge.

In the afternoon, the teams joined together to take part in a mountain rescue simulation activity. The advanced party located the casualty and having called for medical assistance and a stretcher team, the casualty was assessed and transported back to the safety of the base. The day ended with students being shown inside the rescue ambulance which was full equipped and ready to respond to any emergency. The students were also amazed to know that the mountain rescue team are called out most weekends to assist the public.

The students really enjoyed their day getting to know each other and realising the importance of working together, both in fun activities or when dealing with more serious situations.