BAFTA Winning Director Visits Photography and Media Students
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(By Erika Speakman – Future Journalists Elective student)

BAFTA winner Derek Hayes, who is now a senior lecturer at Falmouth University, visited SJR’s Media and Photography students to inform them about Falmouth’s state of the art School of Film and Television.

“Falmouth maintains a gold standard of teaching, with industry experienced staff and strong links between them and the trade,” Derek explained. “Graduates have gone on to work for corporations such as the BBC and Disney after their three-year degree courses gave them the skills and confidence to go into this very competitive field and excel.”

The BAFTA winning director turned teacher described the School of Film and Television as an “interesting place that creates stories to tell from people that enjoy them.”

“You have to be ready to fail,” he added. “Making mistakes is where you really learn.” Falmouth supports their undergraduates as much as they can, funding their projects, collaborating on short films to give them as much experience as they can and taking part in more practical work during lessons, so that when the students finally take that leap from classroom to career, they have more chance of succeeding in their preferred part of the creative industries.