Future Psychologist Wins National Competition!
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Fran is pictured with College Principal Peter McGhee and Psychology Teacher Wendy Swift

Francesca Price, who studies Psychology at SJR, has achieved success in the national enrichment activity, "I'm a Scientist get me out of here."

Within this activity, students are given the opportunity to connect with real scientists online. Fran and the students researched several psychologists before communicating with them online via the "I'm a Scientist" website.

During each event, the psychologists and moderators had to nominate their top student - the one who had made the most of the event, shown the most enthusiasm and contributed the best questions. Francesca was nominated as the winner in the childhood zone for her "amazing and insightful questions," including "what types of social skills do we adapt as we age?"

The competition was sponsored by the British Psychological Society and funded by Greater Manchester Higher.