Future Entrepreneurs Bid To Retain SJR Crown
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Last year our Future Entrepreneurs fought for the title of ‘Allied Finance Challenge Winners’ and succeeded in gaining both first and second places in the prestigious competition. This year our 2018/19 Future Entrepreneurs are competing in the Allied Finance National Competition again, in a bid to retain SJR’s crown. 

This competition enables our students to develop their investment skills, investing the money in pension funds in a race to increase their pension pot. Whilst SJR teams ‘Wall St Wannabes’ and ‘Stock Til U Drop’ are higher up the leader board, ‘Risky Business’ aren’t to be counted out as they have climbed quickly with a high risk approach in the last stages.

The competition is currently within it’s final stages and the leader board is looking tight!  Good luck to our Future Entrepreneurs in their final push for the title.