SJR Linguist Wins Prestigious Oxford University French Award
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Josie Astin, a talented Y12 dual linguist, has just been awarded the French Language prize at the University of Oxford’s annual summer school, standing out above a highly selective and talented cohort of students from all over the country, from both public and private institutions.

Josie and fellow gifted Spanish A Level student Mia Rigby, were personally invited to attend the summer school by Felix Slade from the university after impressing him during a visit he paid to SJR.

During the intensive summer school, Josie took part in a French seminar group and was required to write an academic essay which was then discussed in a further supervision group with an undergraduate. As a result of her outstanding work, Josie was awarded the course prize for the most insightful academic essay.

Former Shevington High School student Josie studies both French and Spanish A Levels and has shown a meticulous attention to detail and determination to excel in her studies. Mia came to us from Holy Cross Catholic High School and has absolutely excelled in her Spanish studies and in her contribution to wider college life.

Head of Languages, Nicola Grierson, said: “We are so incredibly proud of both Josie and Mia, who are both talented, diligent and hardworking students. A particular congratulation to Josie, who thoroughly deserves this recognition. We’ve no doubt that both girls will go on to become outstanding linguists in Higher Education.”