Tips Of The Trade With Phil Trow
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By Erika Speakman and Jess Ashurst (Future Journalists Elective students)

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BBC Radio Manchester presenter Phil Trow has a successful broadcasting career spanning over thirty years and he agreed to meet our Future Journalist students when they went on an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the BBC studios in Salford.

Our students joined Phil in his studio where they were given the chance to see how a typical radio studio worked, discover how his producer could alter his script and tell him what to say through his headphones and had the opportunity to question him on his career.

From starting out on a hospital radio station at the age of eighteen to interviewing Margaret Thatcher (he noted how nice she was), it is clear that Phil has come a long way from his humble beginnings as he is now a household name thanks to presenting the Drive Time show at BBC Radio Manchester.

He admitted that he couldn’t choose his own music and that he messes up when live but that neither of these issues poses a problem for him when he is working

“The people you meet are never the same and the work is different every day,” said Phil in regard to what he thought was the best part of his job. As our aspiring journalists said goodbye, he told them to “keep at it,” which was a nice parting gesture from a seasoned professional.