Holocaust Memorial Day Exhibition
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Annie Gaskell, Aimee Lunt and Summer Hayes

A group of SJR students visited Auschwitz-Birkenau as part of the Lessons from Auschwitz programme with the Holocaust Educational Trust. To get involved with this programme they each had to write an essay about the importance of remembering the events of the Holocaust.

The students found the experience to be incredibly inspiring and it allowed them to gain further understanding of the terrible things that happened under the Nazi regime. As the ‘Next Steps’ for Lessons from Auschwitz, the students also had to create a memorial which showed respect for the victims of the Holocaust and educated people on the subject. The main focus was to rehumanise the victims and show the real people behind the statistics, so the students created a display showing pictures from their journey to Poland and a real survivor testimony from Mala Tribich.

Annie Gaskell, one of the students who took part, added, “We hope this will allow people to reflect on the horrors of the Holocaust and remember the victims in their thoughts and prayers at this time.”