Learner Voice Conference 2016
The Cardinal in college

Student representatives attended this year’s annual SJR Learner Voice Conference at Holland Hall Hotel on Wednesday 15th June 2016 which was another highly enjoyable and successful conference.

The focus of this year’s LV Conference was resilience.

Upon arrival, students were welcomed by Anne White, Director of Students, who introduced the keynote speaker for the event; Rachel Ward Lilley.

Rachel’s keynote speech on the topic of resilience quickly grasped students’ attention as they learnt about what resilience is and how people can learn to overcome setbacks and, rather than just ‘bouncing back’, they can ‘bounce forward’.

Students then enjoyed a carousel of workshops looking at a number of different strategies to help them learn to become more resilient. Workshops included: the impact of body language and ‘power poses’; the impact of being optimistic; how being part of something bigger can improve resilience and how our responses to events can determine the outcome.

Feedback from students and staff has been fantastic with one student commenting that it “Helped me to think about myself and how resilient I am and ways and means to improve myself” whilst another commented “I learnt how to be more confident in myself and not give up”.