Next Stop: Oxford University
The Cardinal in college
Lydia Leyland

We are very happy to share the news that one of our students, Lydia Leyland, has received a conditional offer from Oxford University to study Law at Jesus College.

Lydia studies Law, Psychology, English Language and Literature and is on the Honours Programme for high achieving students. During her first year at College, Lydia wrote a 5,000 word extended project entitled, “Nature vs Nurture: Are criminals born or made?” gaining an extra AS qualification.

“During Year 12, I was part of the Cambridge HE+ Programme which is designed for students to explore the idea of applying to either Oxford or Cambridge Universities," Lydia said.

"We were given tours and I fell in love with Oxford University but I didn’t imagine I would ever have the chance to study there. It was one of the Senior Tutors, Andrew Taylor, who encouraged me to apply in view of my AS results. The College has been so supportive with the application process, I received a huge amount of help preparing for the Law Aptitude Test and was given two mock interviews – one from Reverand Philip Anderson, a local parish Priest who attended Oxford University himself and another from Doctor Tony Lyons who teaches at Loreto College in Manchester. I’m really happy but I know the hard work starts now and I have to get the grades.”

Lydia stepped back into her former school, Abraham Guest for their 'Mock Results Day' on Friday 9th January to give an inspiring talk to the high achievers and she is proof that hard work pays off. Congratulations Lydia!