Media Students Visit BBC Studios
The Cardinal in college

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A group of Y12 and Y13 Media students have been on a visit to the BBC studios at Media City UK in Salford where they were able to get an interesting and insightful look behind the scenes of BBC TV and radio.

The tour began with a visit to the radio production facilities, which the students found extremely informative. The range of technologies and personnel involved in the production of a live daily radio programme were explained to the students, who were also shown around one of the radio studios – while taking care not to make too much noise, as there was a live show being broadcast from the studio next door.

An unexpected treat was a visit to the radio drama studio, where students were given some fascinating insights into how different sound effects are produced, along with a demonstration of the specially constructed anechoic studio. Here, the students were able to experience some of the different effects for themselves.

The students were then shown a number of TV production facilities, including the famous Blue Peter studio, where they were given a detailed account of the different stages in the production of a popular TV show. The students – many of whom have ambitions to move on to careers in the media – were particularly interested in the different job roles which were outlined to them. They also picked up some valuable advice on how to stand out from the crowd when applying for work experience at a major broadcaster. “It’s good to hear about the different jobs available in TV and radio production - and how it’s possible to progress from one role to another,” said Media student Georgia Dainty.

The tour concluded with a visit to a mock-up of the famous BBC Breakfast studio, where students were able to create a short news item and weather bulletin, as well as being able to pose for selfies on the famous red sofa. Media student Annabel Wilkinson said, “It’s been a really interesting day, and has inspired me to investigate degree courses which will help me to move into the world of broadcasting as a career.” Media tutor Catherine Morrison added, “Everyone has learned something useful on this visit, and the students have certainly been able to gain a lot of insight into how the TV and radio programmes we enjoy every day are produced.”