Music Induction Evening 2016
The Cardinal in college

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The College’s Music Department played a concert in front of friends, family and staff as in introduction into the new academic year and the concert series beginning. The night was a huge success. Audience members smiled with happiness watching their sons and daughters perform their songs brilliantly in front of their peers and family.

You could tell with each act that they put a lot of effort into learning their piece specially for the concert. There were some memorable moments, as always, with an SJR concert. Zoe Unsworth, who was recently nominated for the national youth musician’s award, performed one of her own brand new songs called Lies. A really emotional piece that you could easily hear on the radio and the audience could pick up on that too as they enjoyed Zoe’s incredible voice.

David Card once again got the audience clapping along and laughing away at his comedic performance of The Acrobat. He played the song brilliantly as per usual. Olivia Monks, who made it through to the judges’ houses on the X Factor, sang a cover of Adele’s When We Were Young. The crowd loved her performance and everyone gave a positive reaction to John Rigby’s very own X Factor contender.

At the concert we also had a change of style with Lily Webb performing the song O Del Mio Dolce Adore from the opera Paride ed Elena. The audience were amazed by how well Lily could sing an operatic piece, it’s no easy task! I’d also like to mention Niamh Boland and Rebecca Speakman. Both played a song called The 5th Divertissement together on one flute! It was fantastic to see the skill required for two people to play the exact same thing at the exact same time. Well done girls, very talented!

Overall, the evening went down a storm; everyone played brilliantly and the audience loved it!

Review by Charlie Sherliker (Publicity Officer for SJR Music Society)