New Students' Day 2016
The Cardinal in college

New Students’ Day 2016 was a great success for the college. The day opened with the upcoming Year 12 students from high schools all across the north-west arriving early at St John Rigby for their first real taste of college life. The fresh-faced new students met in the sports hall for their first formal meeting with Principal Peter McGhee, who welcomed them to the college and told them the importance of our core values – such as hard work and valuing the individual – helping to ease the pupils into their first day of sixth-form college life.

After leaving the sports hall, the students were introduced to their form tutors, who took them through the plan for the day and the layout of the college, before handing the new Year 12s their first ever timetable to give them their first taste of the two years of study ahead of them.

Following this, each student went to their first ever lesson, which helped them to embrace the atmosphere of study at St John Rigby College.  While lessons may have been a little longer than they were used to at high school, the general atmosphere of optimism and enjoyment was evident to all, and a good sign for the two years of study that are to follow this hugely successful day.

Lunch was next on the agenda, and the entertainment put on by the college stole the show. Rodeo bulls, free popcorn and a bouncy castle were only a few of the fantastic facilities available, proving a massive hit with the students. The success of the entertainment was also mirrored by the success of the enrichment and electives fair. Here the new pupils learned all about the extra-curricular programmes that are exclusive to the college and which could further their career and also maximise their enjoyment of the two years to come. College bands also showcased the outstanding range of talent that the college supports, and helped to further demonstrate the immense potential and success of students in all subject areas at SJR.

Once the enjoyment of lunch was over, pupils were moved onto their second and third lessons, to further hone their work ethic and future expectations. After this, they attended an end of day assembly, once again hosted by the Principal, who spoke of the changes he saw in a group of students becoming part of a supportive college community. Given the tremendous potential of the future Year 12s and the ever growing family like atmosphere of St John Rigby College, the future looks very bright indeed.

Story by Ryan McCracken