SJR Parents’ Conference 2016
The Cardinal in college

On Saturday 12th November 2016 St John Rigby College hosted its annual Parents’ Conference.

The conference was an ideal opportunity for parents to discover the answers to the many questions about courses and opportunities offered at the College.  Speaking to a packed audience on a wide variety of pertinent issues, SJR staff helped guide and inspire parents and prospective students on the important topics relevant to school and college transition.

Topics covered on the day included:

Which Course? – a parental guide to post 16 options
Beyond the Classroom – a guide to additional opportunities available at SJR
The SJR Elective Programme – getting students career ready
An Ethic of Excellence – developing students’ learning potential
Higher Level Apprenticeships – as an alternative to university
HE: Things to Consider – entry requirements and finance

College Principal Peter McGhee said “My passion as Principal is to value every individual, celebrate learning and raise aspirations.  Investing time to speak to our potential students and their parents on the latest developments in education and training is vital in allowing them to make informed choices at 16 and beyond.  The number of parents who choose to attend this event every year shows how much it is valued, as does the overwhelmingly positive feedback that we receive.  As experts in post 16 education, our College is in a position to inspire and guide the next generation of students into their chosen career pathways, and we value highly the role that parents and carers have to play in this as well.”