Poetry By Heart
The Cardinal in college

Four A2 English students bravely entered the SJR heat of the national ‘Poetry by Heart’ competition, for which they were required to memorise and recite two poems (one published before 1914 and one in or after 1914) in front of a panel of judges and an audience.

English Tutor, Toby Lynch, who organized the recital said, “They all did fantastically well: the choice of poems was wonderfully diverse and the performances demonstrated genuine and sophisticated understanding.

"The winner was Eva Curless – she now goes through to the regional finals in February, but the three other competitors: Jay Barnard, Anne Fitzsimmons and Danielle Pedley, also deserve the heartiest of congratulations for their superb efforts.

"It was the first time we have run the competition at college but after this resounding success, we hope to make it into a tradition!”