Student Photography Exhibition
The Cardinal in college

The Photography department at college is proud to have exhibited students’ work at the Turnpike Gallery in Leigh; the gallery presents a changing programme of temporary exhibitions reflecting a range of current visual arts practice.

The exhibition showcased work by AS and A2 Photography students, who study a wide variety of photographic styles, and their individual interests were evident through the unique images.

Students exhibited ongoing work from their current projects, which will be completed in January, meaning that this work was experimental and formative. AS students have been developing knowledge of a range of photographers, and taking inspiration from them. A2 students are each developing their own projects based on personal interests.

Our students demonstrate a wealth of creative talent and many will go on to further study in the creative field. Trevor Barton MBE of Trust in Leigh, wrote on the Wigan Trust website to say, "I am convinced that there is a lot of unidentified talent in the arts in our area that we could showcase. The Turnpike is giving sustainable opportunities to our young people in particular to develop their talent and be as good as they can possibly be."