SJR Students' Performance of The Wardrobe
The Cardinal in college

SJR Performing Arts Students staged a performance of Sam Holcroft’s experimental new play The Wardrobe.

The play is staged entirely inside the same Tudor period wardrobe, with children and young people entering at various points throughout British history. The idea behind the performance is to confine the energy of youth in a small space, as well as exploring the desire in young people to escape.
Acting and Performance Studies tutor Andrew Talbot explained how the students created the play’s confined environment, “We had the audience surround the small central stage, within touching distance of the cast. This gave each audience member a unique vantage point into the wardrobe, while challenging the performers to consider that their presentation was being observed at close range from a variety of angles.

"Our students worked extremely hard to do the complex play justice and they deserve to be proud of the results!"