Students Complete the Wish FM Scholarship Programme
The Cardinal in college

A group of SJR Media Studies students spent the day at the Wish FM radio studios to gain valuable experience of working in the media industry. As well as finding out about the day to day running of a successful local radio station, the students worked alongside the broadcast professionals to produce a radio advertisement and a half hour radio show of their own.

Wish FM Creative Copywriter Zoe Vernon helped the students to create an advertisement from scratch, which involved scripting and voicing the entire piece, so they gained experience of working to a specific advertising brief as well as the practical skill of creating a voice-over. The students gained a great deal from Zoe’s experience as a voiceover artist, as she was able to coach them on delivering the script in a persuasive manner. Student Lydia Radford commented that this helped her to understand “how radio works and how much work and effort goes into adverts to make each one of them unique." The students’ advertisements will be broadcast on Wish FM in October.

The students also worked with Wish FM’s popular Breakfast Show host Chris Milow to create their own half hour programme, mixing music, news and chat. The production enabled the students to take on a number of roles, such as presenter, newscaster and sports reporter, and they gained a great deal of insight from talking to Chris about his many years of experience as a broadcaster. Student Alastair Hancock commented on the usefulness of this to his career aspirations: “I really enjoyed learning the skills needed to work in radio journalism and I feel I have gained a lot of experience that will be helpful when applying for universities and Journalism courses.” Student Charlie Birch added that this “was a great experience as it helped me to realize that I really enjoy doing voice overs and being a news reporter, which has now got me thinking about doing it as a career.”

Overall, the students had a fantastic time at Wish FM and were awarded with certificates to celebrate their achievement at the end of the day. Media tutor Simon Anten reinforced the students’ comments on the value of the experience, noting that “The Wish FM Scholarship is part of the college’s extensive programme of enrichment activities. The opportunity it offers for students to work alongside media professionals gives them a real boost when it comes to getting ahead in the very competitive world of the media and in their university applications.”