57 56 A Level French 56 Level Level 3 Specific course entry requirements College entry to include a minimum GCSE grade 6 in French (please refer to the Entry Requirements section page 30 for further details). What will I study? In the first year, you will study a range of topics including: Changes in French society, the role of volunteering in French society, the importance of heritage in the French speaking world, French music and the importance of cinema in the French speaking world. You will study a French film. You will also gain a deeper understanding of grammar and translation skills. In the second year, you will study a range of topics including: Multicultural French society, the challenges of immigration and integration, the French political system and the engagement of young people, the role of strikes and demonstrations in the French speaking world and how criminals are dealt with in French speaking societies. You will also study a French novel. You will also carry out an individual research project on a cultural theme that you are interested in and conduct your own wider reading. This will form part of your speaking exam. How will I be assessed? Paper 1 – Listening, Reading and Translation 50% Paper 2 – Writing 20% Paper 3 – Speaking 30% Where will this course lead me? Studying French will give students excellent career opportunities and life-long skills in today’s global market. Knowledge of another language makes students more employable by standing out from the crowd. Employers value the transferable skills that linguists demonstrate. French is a subject that can be combined with Arts, Business, Law, Science and many other subjects for entry into Higher Education. It prepares you for careers that require good communication skills in a global environment such as business, management, law, engineering, international marketing, teaching and journalism. Choosing French will encourage you to develop an interest and enthusiasm for the history, politics and culture of France. It will help you to improve your understanding of French grammar and to use it confidently for a range of purposes. You should be willing to justify your ideas during class discussions and in written essays, and enjoy working both independently and in a group. St John Rigby College Prospectus A Levels 57