63 62 A Level Government & Politics 62 Introduction Government and Politics provides you with the opportunity to understand how the UK and USA are governed, developing an understanding of the world around you. You will also develop your own personal skills in research, constructing arguments and reaching and evaluating judgements. Level Level 3 Specific course entry requirements College entry (please refer to the Entry Requirements section page 30 for further details). What will I study? During the course you will study the political ideas that exist in the UK as well as the way in which the country is governed. You will examine the philosophies of the main political parties, and the way in which democracy works in the UK and how citizens can participate in it. You will also investigate the strengths and weaknesses of the system of government in the UK by studying the working of Parliament, the office of Prime Minister and the role of the Courts. In the second year you will widen your understanding of government and politics by studying the political system of the USA in comparison to the UK, and also study key ideologies which lay the framework for the beliefs of the political parties and the voters which elect them, with a specific focus on socialism, liberalism, conservatism, anarchism and feminism. You will be able to draw on your first year experience to advance your understanding by examining topics such as minority rights and diversity, US elections and the political parties of America. You will also have a clear understanding of where power lies inside the UK and USA, answering the question of whether or not the UK is truly an ‘elected dictatorship’ and if the role of President inside the USA is one of a ‘lame duck’. How will I be assessed? 100% examination Where will this course lead me? Government and Politics will provide you with an academically recognised qualification which also provides a range of skills which are highly sought after by employers and universities. You will learn how to use information you are provided with to construct analytical arguments and challenge the principles of established ideologies. You will be able analyse politics in the UK and USA and make judgements about them in response to questions and areas of debate. In addition you will be able to debate objectively and with confidence, evaluating ideas about government and politics. These skills can be applied to a number of careers in the civil service, security services, law, as well as business and project management. You will get the highest marks for the most recent examples, highlighting how the subject tracks the most recent developments. Government and Politics is the study of the ideas and beliefs of people; it focuses on the origins and development of political beliefs and how these have affected the ways in which countries are governed. This subject helps to understand the motivations behind differing political beliefs and also the approaches of different forms of government and other organisations in tackling the challenges faced by every society. St John Rigby College Prospectus A Levels 63