87 86 A Level Religious Studies (Philosophy, Ethics & Christianity) 86 Level Level 3 Specific course entry requirements College entry (please refer to the Entry Requirements section page 30 for further details). What will I study? The Religious Studies course at St John Rigby explores three main areas of study, Ethics, Philosophy and Christianity. In Ethics you will examine ways to make moral decisions. This involves an in depth study of various ethical systems including utilitarianism, situation ethics and natural law. We will also explore a number of ethical issues including capital punishment and polyamorous relationships. The Philosophy of Religion section looks critically at arguments for the existence of God and explores the problems raised for religious believers by the nature of evil and suffering. In Philosophy you will also study religious experience, religious language and the relationship between religion and science. In Christianity we will study various aspects of Christian belief and practice including the historical Jesus, feminism in Christianity and the relationship between religion and society. How will I be assessed? 100% Examination Where will this course lead me? Religious Studies is a rigorous academic discipline that is recognised by all universities. Past students have taken subjects at Higher Education including English, History, Theology, Sociology, Philosophy, Law, Psychology and Teaching. Religious Studies is a challenging, interesting and engaging course. It is for students who value the opportunity to explore issues concerning human life and existence; the course is not reliant upon any specific faith or belief system. During the course students are given the opportunity to participate in day conferences related to the subject areas being studied and you will be encouraged to relate learning to current affairs and issues. St John Rigby College Prospectus A Levels 87