Student absence procedures

Student Absence & Punctuality Procedures

You have enrolled to undertake an agreed programme of study and 100% attendance is expected. Attendance at lessons is the single most important factor in your achievement. Research shows that a 4% drop in overall attendance, results in the loss of a grade in 1 subject and a 10% drop in overall attendance results in your grades dropping by one grade across your whole programme. You are expected to attend every lesson punctually. Lateness is disruptive and persistent lateness will result in disciplinary sanctions. Your attendance records are updated on a daily basis on the SJR Portal.

If you do not adhere to the attendance requirements and procedures of the College you will become subject to the College’s Support and Disciplinary Procedures. Additional sanctions may also be applied and include being required to bear the cost of course registration fees and / or examination fees or being withdrawn from the course. Bursary payments may also be withheld. Progression to further years of study also depends upon your attendance record being good.

Reporting Absences
Your parent/carer must notify College of all absences by telephone on the day of the absence and all subsequent days. If you are absent from work placement you must notify your placement and your parent/carer must notify the College. Failure to contact College will result in your Progress Tutor contacting your parents and may result in disciplinary sanctions.  Your attendance is a major priority and your parents/carers should keep the College fully informed of any reason for absence. Absences should be supported by evidence such as a medical note or appointment card.

College Telephone Number: 01942 214797, press 1 for Student Absences.
College absence reporting e-mail:

Lateness Procedure
You must attend all lessons punctually.  If you know that you are going to be late you must inform the College.

If you are late for College due to a College bus problem, an e-mail will be sent to staff informing them that the lateness is due to transport problems. If you arrive late you must go straight to your lesson. You are responsible for getting your absence mark changed to a late mark by reminding your teacher at the end of the lesson.

Authorised Absences
Some absences may be classified as authorised and in these cases students will be marked as ‘authorised’ on College attendance records.  You must gain approval of known absences in ADVANCE. These will ONLY be approved if the reason for absence is unavoidable and the evidence has been presented to Reception, prior to the date of the absence. In such cases an Advance Notification Form must be completed. This should be done on line by clicking here.

Authorised Absences:

  1. University open days (3 maximum).
  2. University Interviews and other final career choice interviews.
  3. Hospital / orthodontist appointments/ serious illness supported by a doctor’s note.
  4. Practical driving test.
  5. Bereavement/funeral.
  6. Religious holidays.

Unauthorised Absences:
Sickness Absence
Sickness absence will be recorded as Unauthorised.
Routine doctors’ and dental appointments will also be recorded as unauthorised.

Holidays in College Term Time
Holidays in term-time will NOT be approved by the College and will be recorded as Unauthorised. Holidays taken during term time may result in disciplinary sanctions and may contribute to progression decisions.

*             Medical and dental appointments will NOT be authorised.
**           Driving lessons will NOT be authorised.                                 
***        Driving theory tests will NOT be authorised.