Catholic Life

Our Catholic mission and values are at the heart of St John Rigby College. We are an open and welcoming community for students of all faiths and none enabling our young people to flourish as adults so that they may live lives that will serve to create a better world.

We aim to develop a caring community which provides opportunities for service to others. Through the many charitable activities during the college year students grow into compassionate and responsible adults who recognise their interconnectedness with the larger community.

 “The Catholic mission and values permeate the collegeand are highly effective in developing students’ positive attitudes to learning. As a result, students have an excellent understanding of life and values in modern Britain.”  (Ofsted)

“Students display high levels of self-respect along with respectfor their teachers and peers. The college is fully inclusive and follows the mission: ‘give me roots to grow and wings to fly’ and St John Rigby’s values. As a result, students of the Catholic faith, other faiths or no faith are confident and self-assured, have excellent attitudes towards their learningand make exceptional progress.” (Ofsted)

Chaplaincy & Collective Worship

What is Chaplaincy? It is linked to our Christian Mission to reach out and to be available to people. It is a service at the heart of the college that offers support to people.  As we journey through life, and face all kinds of opportunities and obstacles, the Chaplaincy is there to walk alongside you whichever path you may choose, encouraging you to develop and grow within the college community.

Services and events are arranged at different times in the year and these are advertised in college. We have morning prayers every day at 9 am and Mass every other Friday at 1.00pm.  All are welcome.

The college has a chapel which is open to you for reflection and contemplation at any time. It is open to all and is a place for prayer and quietness. You may wish to pray or to think about someone or something. You may not choose to do this every day, but the chapel is there for you whenever you do. 

Chaplaincy booklet

Values for Living

During their time at St John Rigby college all of our students will take part in a weekly Values for Living lesson. These lessons provide opportunities for students to explore a range of current and global issues. Students gain a deeper understanding of Catholic values and teachings, they develop a greater appreciation of their unique value and talents as well as the importance of their contribution to society and the world. Topics include, the environment, politics, prejudice and discrimination, forgiveness, Advent and Christmas, Lent and Easter.

Students have an excellent understanding of life and values in modern Britain. The ‘values for living programme’, in which all students participate, prepares them well for their next steps in education, employment or apprenticeships. Topics include resilience and mindfulness, immigration, religion, moral decisions and staying safe.”  (Ofsted Inspection Report, March 21st 2017)


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