Your Progress Tutor
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Every student is assigned a Progress Tutor

Your Progress Tutor will be a very important person during your time at the College and is the first person to consult on any matters of concern which may require guidance or advice. Your Progress Tutor will take a continuous interest in what you do, not least because he or she will write references to support your next step.

Reviewing your progress

In order that you may know how your work is progressing in the College we have a system of continuous assessment and review in which you are actively involved. Your Subject Tutors will provide you with progress grades regularly. These will reflect the level of work and attainment achieved by you since the last review and the grades that you are expected to achieve by the end of your course. You will also be informed of your Minimum Acceptable Grade (MAG) for each of your subjects. Time is regularly set aside for you to review your progress with your Progress Tutor.

Support for students with special requirements

The College has a wide range of resources and equipment that are available for students. Following your initial assessment meeting, specialist advisors at the College can match the resources we have to your specific needs. Support when you join the College can include: in-class support, note taking, help with assignments, one-to-one support, study skills workshops, loan of specialist equipment and software and exam arrangements. At St John Rigby College we support the whole person and seek to ensure your studies contribute to your personal development and overall well-being.