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Judges blown away by poetry as talented Wigan schoolgirl win charity’s competition

Judges blown away by poetry as talented Wigan schoolgirl win charity’s competition

We are so proud of Elisha Foster for her recent success in The Brick Poetry Competition for Schools in Wigan & Leigh.

Chris Chandler, Head of English said, ‘The fact that Elisha found the time to consider the situation of others in such a difficult year fills me with hope. I would also like to thank The Brick for this opportunity and for the tireless work they do for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Thank you!’

Elisa added, ‘When I received a phone call from my teacher saying that I won the contest, I was honestly speechless. I really wasn’t expecting to win since everyone else’s poems were so amazing. Thank you to everyone who created the competition and who gave me the opportunity to share my words.’

This Is Real Life

A simple glance and you’ve judged me,

You don’t even know my history.

Helplessly sitting here with only the clothes on my back,

Whilst you go home at night and hit the comfy sack.

You have a mattress while I have cardboard.

You have the newest kicks while mine are damaged like the edges of a used sword.

You have a loving family while mine always turned a blind eye.

You have easy access to food while I am barely getting by.

You have everything while I have nothing.

This warped world we call our own isn’t so loving.

How old do you think I am?Come on, take a guess, pretend for once to give a damn.

Twenty? Thirty?

Maybe an age in-between,

Bet you’d never have guessed I’m barely even seventeen.

A criminal, a burden, an outcast,

That’s what I’ve been called.

Tossed aside like an old handkerchief,

God, they’re always appalled.

There’s only one place I can go,

It’s full of people I never used to know.

They give me food; they give me hope

That someday… I won’t be alone, and I’ll be able to cope.

I don’t know your name; you don’t know mine,

We’re two random strangers in this storyline.

But it’s not just a story, you have the chance to change a life.

Help end poverty and homelessness because this is real-life.


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